Sleeping in an odd position can leave you with back pain that hampers your daily life. Here are five tips to avoid back pain and sleep right:

1. Say No To Sleeping On Your Tummy:The sleeping on your stomach both have the potential to cause joint or back pain because your spine isn’t neutral. This puts unnecessary pressure on the spine, muscles, hips, and joints.
2. Lie On Your Back This is the optimal position for your spine, keeping the spine, neck, and head resting in a neutral position.
3. Pick A Side If You Can’t Lie On The Back If you can’t manage to sleep on your back, the next best thing is to lie on your side. That means you are again lining up the spine, so there is minimal pressure on it and less scope for developing neck or back pain.

4. Choose A Mattress Of Medium Firmness Even if you do pick the right position to sleep in, you could still end up with a back problem if you’re sleeping on a poorly padded mattress that doesn’t offer support.
5. Use The Pillow Right If you favor sleeping on the back, a pillow snuck in below the lower abdomen can align your spine. If you lie on your side and need to further ease pressure on the back, a pillow between your knees will do the trick. Even back sleepers can do this by using a pillow below their knees.

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