Our Stress does not come from thinking about future,but from wanting to control it.

Kahlil Gibran

Why You Feel Stressed?

Feeling stress for any challenging circumstances is a very natural hormonal mechanism. Stress helps us to stay alert and enable our body and mind to function appropriately to a given circumstances, danger or facing new challenges of life. Stress hormones such as adrenaline and Cortisol are produced in response of stress but when that challenging situation gets over, our body automatically shut it down.

When Our Natural Response Of Stress Change to Chronic Stress?

Chronic Stress is unique of its kind; it develops gradually when stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are discharged, again and again, for non critical circumstances or by a progression of wrong triggers. With constant wrong triggers your body response towards inappropriate stress always remains turned on. A body over-burden with adrenaline and cortisol is a body experiencing incessant pressure or what we call chronic stress.

Resistance create suffering. Stress happens when your mind resist what is. The only problem in your life is your mind resistance to life as it unfolds.

Dan Millman

Cause Of Chronic Stress

Today we are living a life at high alert. We are compared and subjected to competition with others in each and every aspect every day.

Overwhelming job issues, challenging work environment, relationship issue, unable to control emotions, financial burden, overthinking, prolonged illness and unhealthy lifestyle adoption such as unhealthy food, phones and social media are the major cause of chronic stress. In short we want to control our future but fail to understand that this expectation creates stress in life.

Stress is directly related to mental health of a person. Since prolonged stress can lead to anxiety and depression.

Signs To Recognize Chronic Stress.

1. Do You Have a Disturbed Sleep?

  • Experiencing Insomnia
  • Feeling of being Uncomfortable
  • Can’t sleep in proper position and keep on tossing
  • Threatening Dreams
  • Sleep disorder includes frequently waking up and trouble in falling asleep.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue
  • Feeling perplexed and highly agitated during the day
  • Not keeping well and frequently falling ill.
  • Always encounter with cold or flu
  • Weak immune system
  • Encounter Chronic Illness
  • Always having migrane headaches
  • Stomach upset
  • Chest pain
  • Stiffness in muscles
  • Infertility or reduced sex drive

3. Do You Overthink? Can’t Control Emotions

  • Lack feeling of zest and energy
  • Overthinking
  • Feeling dejected with negative thoughts
  • Feeling alone
  • Having relationship issue
  • Anxiety
  • Can’t control emotions. Crying and feeling low always.
  • Irritation, anger and remain unpredictable with frequently mood swings
  • Depression
  • Not feeling good or worthy about oneself.

Has Your Addictive Behavior Increased?

  • Exaggerating your reaction over an unimportant issue or not reacting to an important issue.
  • Reduced Acumen and judgement skill
  • Increased consumption of Alcohol, drugs and cigarette.
  • Nail biting and teeth grinding due to feeling of anxiousness.
Chronic Stress Affects Your Ability to Think and Concentrate. It leads to Fear, Anxiety,Avoidance Behavior,Organize,increase forgetfulness and feel like loosing control over oneself.

Don’t let your stress take control over your mind

Laugh it out, speak it out to your near ones, listen to music, control your thinking process, eat healthy and live healthy.
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