Do you feel Betrayed, Lost, Trapped, Demeaned, Unsupported, Angry, Worthless, Sad or Depressed in a Toxic Relationship?

The Most Difficult Choice Any Person Can Make Is With Whom To Be In Relationship. And Where To End A Relationship.

Let’s Understand What Is A Toxic Relationship.

For any human being relationships are crucial for survival. We all are sorrounded by relationship be it family, friend, love or office college. Some relationships act as our support system. While it may happen in a lifetime that we come across a relationship that drains you physically, emotionally and psychologically, overall threatens your well-being.

A toxic relationship can adversely affect your mental health; can lead to depression. However people already suffering from mental illness such as major depression, bipolar disorder or even depressive tendencies, are more susceptible to toxic relationships; as they are very sensitive towards negative emotions.

What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Relationship?

Toxicity in a relationship is often related to verbal or physical abuse but a toxic relationship has much more subtle signs.

  • You feel you are always devalued and exhausted. Because all your effort remains less valued.
  • You feel disrespected in a relationship.
  • You feel your self-esteem tampered over time.
  • You feel misunderstood, unsupported, attacked or demeaned.
  • You feel angry, depressed, exhausted, energy depleted after speaking or being with the other person.
  • The other person campares you with others. Or even put a sense of competition between yourself and them.
  • You are not your best self around the individual. For instance, they draw out the gossipy side of you, or they appear to draw out a mean streak you don’t typically have.
  • You have a feeling that you need to tread lightly for this individual to shield from turning into an objective of their toxic behavior.
  • You spend a lot of time and emotional strengthing and moral strengthing to cheer them up.
  • You are always blamed. They make something happen so things you thought they had fouled up are all of a sudden abruptly becomes your fault.
  • You loose trust, confidence and honestly in a relationship.

How To Cope In A Toxic Relationship

It is very difficult to leave a person you love. In the event that you actually love your partner, or simply need more inspiration to eliminate yourself from a hurtful circumstance, consider how your harmful and toxic relationship may impact you in future.By realizing, identifying and ending off a relationship that has become venomous, you indisputably save yourself from these emotional and mental exhaustion.

While dealing with narcissistic people, who Continuously put you down. Its always better to put a distance between you and them.

Toxic relationship within family and friend are not easy to end. But healthier boundaries and Assertive communication are often the keys to bringing out the best in one another—especially if you’re both willing to make changes.

Additionally you can limit time spend with them. You can discuss your difference to come to a conclusion. But realize that some toxic people may not likely or unwilling to change—especially those who lack social skill and self-awareness. You need to take a stand for yourself.

Effect On Mental Health After You Leave A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship, can leave your self-worth and confidence damaged. You will feel like your toughts, mind and emotions have been to war. You may experience depression and you will be mentally exhausted. You can speak to our experts for help.

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