"Is Your Child is Hyperactive?"

Parent perception "Oh my child is just being naughty it will fade away with time"

"Is Your Child is Silent, and Remains Isolated?"

Parent perception "My child  is just being shy; it will eventually become alright with age"

"Does Your Child Hear Voices And Does Self Harm?"

Parent perception "My child is just imaginative and naughty"

" Does Your Child Faces Fright, Nervousness and Fear Going To School and Socialize?"

Parents Perception" My child is shy. He will eventually learn to socialize. Fear and nervousness will soon go away as he will go older"

Very unfortunately parents experience many behavioral trait abnormality in their children. But they conceal their experience under a believe system that mental illness cannot happen to children. Mental illness is not in their genes. The abnormal behavioral trait will become alright as the child will grow with age. Parents fear of embarrassment if their children are detected for mental illness.

Let’s Break The Myths and Stigmas For Betterment Of Our Children Future

Myth 1: A Child Future Is Destroyed If They Suffer From Mental Illness

Mental illness like any other medical disease is curable with on time diagnosis and treatment. Having a mental illness does not challenge a child’s potential to succeed in future.

Myth 2: A Child is weak if they are having mental illness.

Like if you are suffering from a medical alignment that doesn’t measure your strongness or weakness it is just a disease. Same thing goes with mental health. It just another medical issue like diabetes and anemia. Children suffering from mental illness can portray aggressive behavior, shyness or other impulsive behavior traits which is difficult to recognize as a sign of mental illness in children. Mental illness is not a personality type.

Myth 3: Bad Parenting Can result to Mental illness In Children

All parents do their best for their children. Anxiety, stress and depression can be caused by variety of reasons. Mental illness in children is a combination of biology, social and environment factors. Relationship with parents and circumstances at home can exaggerate mental illness but they are not the only reason for mental health issues.

Speak to your children
Myth 4: A Child Can Handle Mental Illnesses All Alone

When we suffer from any medical illness we need support of our family. Similarly for mental illness a child will require parents and family support, love, care and empathy to deal with it; seek medical help to revive.

But sadly most of the parents don’t seek medical help to revive their children; fearing stigmatism of society and embarrassment from society. They fear society might not accept their child mental health condition and the child may face isolation.

Myth 5: Seeking Medical Help and Psychiatric Consultation Is A Waste Of Time

Research have shown children respond really well to psychiatric consultant. Today’s method involve talk therapy and cognitive- behavioral therapy which is evident to revive from mental illness.

Delaying psycho therapy can  worsen mental illness in children with the advancement of age. It can make abnormal behavioral trait concrete in children and imbibe as part of their personality as adults.

Myth 6: Mental illness Does Not Affect Children. Abnormal Behavioral traits Is Just Part Of Their Growing Up.

It is evident from research that nearly 70 percent of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorder and compulsive behaviour beget from childhood. If it is treated at an early stage individual can revive completely.

Mental Illness is not confined to age. It can affect anyone including children. Abnormal behavioral trait such as mood swing, irritation, isolation,eating disorder or sleeping disorder; if noticed by parents or caregiver should not be ignored. They should seek immediate medical help. Love, care, empathy, non judgmental interaction and seeking expert counseling can help cure mental illness completely from children.

Love, care, empathy, non judgmental interaction and seeking expert counseling can help cure mental illness completely from children.
Some Facts:

Every 1 in 10 children below the age of 15 suffer from mental illness.

During adolescence lot of physical, hormonal and psychological changes occur in teenager. Therefore during this stage mental problems can take place. According to a research most of mental health issue occurs below the age of 14 and increase up to 75% at the age of 18.

Teenagers are at a higher risk for suicide according to a survey released on 2013.

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