Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When you are depressed the entire world becomes a harrowed experience for you. You become gloom ridden where all positive aspects of life turn to be cynical, flat and ugly. A constant feeling of sadness abides with you. You feel your life to be purpose less. You loose your self esteem and confidence. You isolate yourself not just physically but also in your thoughts. Its a feeling of intense pain and hurt. You start to feel your loved ones can sustain a better life without you.

Positive thoughts fade away in Depression

In these circumstances when your loved ones try to empathize with you by reminding you the memories where you felt loved, adored, accomplished, achievements and meaning of life. For time being you might agree but in the next moment you would start feeling dejected once again overshadowed by negative thoughts. Because in a depressed mind your memories, achievement and accomplishment becomes meaningless and no longer hold any significance. And that is the point where counseling with a Therapist will play a significant role.

Psycho Therapy Session Are Important To Identify Your Problem From Grass Root Level

Why Talk To A Therapist When Friend can Advice Free?

The Psycho Therapist are trained individual, they have spent years studying to get themselves licensed and perform preceding psycho therapy. They hold expertise in studying mental health of individual. They provide you with an insight of your prevailing problem, which a friend can never find out. Friends might be good listener but they give you suggestion as per their life experience. Friends get emotionally driven and start relating their problems to yours. More often your personal relationship with a friend might get damaged.

How Does Therapy Work Towards Your Mental Wellbeing?

Counseling Helps To Identify Your Problem

A psychology expert identify problem specific to you and provide solution accordingly.

They teach you manage your emotions and negative thoughts.

They show you a new perspective in your current situation, relationship and people around you.

They determine your positive and negative behavioral traits. They study how you take your decision and your emotional wellbeing.

They study how your past is influencing your present. They help in reducing symptoms of mental illness.

They improve on your mental health by therapeutic techniques. Their understanding focused only on you.

When you share your personal sensitive information with your friends there is a chance they might leak your personal information to social circle and this in turn can affect your other relationships. But a psycho Therapist are ethnically and legally compelled to keep your personal information safe. You can legally sue them for any malpractice or information leakage. 
An Psychology Expert Visualize Your Problems And Help Solving Them
A Psycho Therapist Challenge your thinking process to improve your mental wellbeing.But a friend usually agrees what ever you say, they don't challenge your thinking process.

A Psychology Expert Don’t Judge You

When you express your feeling to a friend they try not to judge you but at some point of time they might start judging you. Their reaction might hurt you. But a therapist are trained not to judge individual with the problem.

While Undergoing Counseling You Don’t Fear About Getting Judged
Friends are emotionally attached to you, therefore they cannot see your real problem clearly and you might upset them if regularly you let out emotions to them.It also creates a sense of guilt that you are utilizing their precious time for your emotional trauma. 

But a psychology therapist are unprejudiced and unbiased to identify your problem. You don't have to worry about venting out your emotions and disagreeing with your therapist. You are paying your therapist you can take their time.

Using friendship as a substitute for psycho therapy can hurt friendship. In contrast taking a psycho therapy counseling can improve your friendship and mental wellbeing.

Just give it a try

Emotional Problem Haunting you? A talk therapy session and psychological consultation on Anxiety, Stress and Depression management can definetly help you to heal your minds in a better way.

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