Sitting in a Psychiatrist Chamber Vivek complains about his wife Sumitra.

Doctor ” don’t know what is the problem with my wife!!! She is so obsessed with cleanliness. To a extent that she spends all day long cleaning the house over and over again.

She can’t tolerate dirt or any displacement of things around. She keeps on cleaning and organizing things in a particular format and that too repetitively. She spend hours taking bath. She even insists me and our children to take bath as many times we go outside. Earlier she was normal but from few months her obsession for cleanliness and arranging things in a particular format has taken a abnormal turn. People in our society are complaining of water shortage due to over usage of water by Sumitra….She don’t like to talk anything apart from obsessed behavior. Even at night she gets up and start cleaning bed sheets…. What IS Wrong With my Wife Doctor!!! I am really tensed”.

Vivek paused down trodden with tears in his eyes. Doctor ask Vivek to go out allow him some privacy with Sumitra. After Vivek leaves the chamber before Doctor can ask anything Sumitra she started crying her eyes out. Down in dumps she said ” Doctor I know, what I am doing I am doing is wrong but I can’t help myself!!!. I just can’t stop my behavior neither I do have a explanation for this. Please Doctor help me!!!

Doctor consoled her and confirmed of OCD. Her psycho therapy started. During her session doctor was trying to dig deep into her mind her find out the exact reason for her OCD. During one session she narrated a heart jolting story of her childhood. Sumitra lost her parents at a very early age. She was 12 years old when she started living with her grandparents and uncle and aunty in a small village near Uttarpradesh.

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Where menustral cycle in women is still considered to be a taboo. Cultural norms and religious taboos on menstruation are often compounded by traditional associations with evil spirits, shame and embarrassment surrounding sexual reproduction. While she started menustrating; she was ill treated my her aunty and villagers. She was made to live in a small hut outside her house. She was not allowed to touch anything, interact with anybody during those 5 days. She was thrown food. She was supposed to use a dirty cloth, wash it by herself and again wear the second day. During those days she used to groans with pain and fever but nobody used to turn out to her hut. She was considered as an impurity for those 5 days. And this procedure continued for years till she got to university for her education and got married. This mistreatment left a wound in her mind and soul. But that wound never bled until her mother in law triggered the same treatment after long years.

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In this case the abuse that Sumitra experienced during her childhood triggered her OCD. After constant psychotherapy for 6 months she is sustaining a healthy life now.

Source image North point Recovery

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