The times have changed today. The society has started to give equal preference to the working of both men and women. There are hardly any families with orthodox mentality and having a belief that women should focus on managing only the household chores. But really? Does any of these things stand true when we talk about the reality of the Indian society? Certainly not!

People till date do not have a positive mindset towards working women. They still believe that women should stay confined within the four walls and should not step out. But it is important to understand that a working woman is not a curse rather is a boon in several ways.

Advantages of Working Woman

In today’s era, a working woman proves to be advantageous in several ways. The sacrifices of her parents, her hard work and dedication finally begins to reap results in the form of job with a reputed organization. There is no need to feel overwhelmed with mom’s guilt as a working woman is advantageous in several ways:

  1. A working woman is self-dependent and can earn her living. She can even earn a living for her children.
  2. She can support family finances by adding on to the sources of income for the family.
  3. She acts a source of inspiration for non-working women by setting example of perfectly balancing personal and professional lives.
  4. A working woman is more confident and has a higher level of creativity, professionalism and personality.
  5. She can act as a role model for the other members in the family.
  6. She gets to expand her networks through professional relationships.
  7. A working woman develops a higher level of self-assurance, resilience, and personal and interpersonal skills to deal with life’s challenges.
  8. They act as a source of inspiration for their children.
  9. They help in setting a better standard of living for their family.
  10. They are equipped to deal with challenges with ease.

Disadvantages of Working Woman

While a working woman is beneficial in several ways, it has its own disadvantages. A few of these are as mentioned below:

  1. A working woman has limited time for herself and her family. It gets difficult for her to spend some ‘me time’ or play with her kids.
  2. Stress, fatigue, and some other health issues are commonly observed in working woman. This is because she has to manage both her home and office tasks simultaneously.
  3. She is dependent on others to manage her tasks.
  4. There is an additional expense of childcare or commute.
  5. When going to work, a woman needs to send her child to a childcare where she cannot be sure about his/her care.
  6. She is overburdened with too many responsibilities at work and home.

Online Consultation May Help

There are times when a woman might underestimate herself and even feel that her profession is the reason behind many problems at home. But it is not the case. Every problem has its own cause. If there is someone you know who is going through such a phase in life and is looking for the best affordable online counselling, YoTalks can help.

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