Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World

One common perception; People who are famous with MONEY, POWER And POSITION can’t suffer from “DEPRESSION””.

We always dream to be famous and rich like a CELEBRITY from FILM and FASHION industry. We feel that their life is so ABUNDANT…FULL OF GLAMOUR AND MONEY…

BUT.. are we aware of the REALITY?????

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
He’s one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, but “The Rock” recently opened up about depression to the Express, a British newspaper. “Struggle and pain is real,” said Johnson, who saved his mother from a suicide attempt when he was 15.  “Depression never discriminates,” he tweeted later. “Took me a long time to realize it but the key is to not be afraid to open up. Especially us dudes have a tendency to keep it in. You’re not alone.”

Dark Side Of Glamour Industry

The Glamour both film and fashion industry’s exterior portrays of excessive gaudy, glamour, flamboyance and euphoria, often distracts from the underlying issues within the industry. Far from the 24/7 glittery lifestyle, professionals across the board are subject to unique and persistant extreme pressures.

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World

Katy Perry…The pop star shared her struggles with depression during a 96-hour livestream on YouTube. In an emotional session with Siri Sat Nam Singh, host of the Viceland channel’s The Therapist, Perry said she opened up because she wanted her fans to see her true self. “If people can see that I’m just like them, they can dream just as big.”  

With high emphasis on finding/being ‘the next big thing’, new big commitment’, new big goals, constant turn-overs, fear from getting replaced by new faces and staying on top of trends, the industry is in truth a demanding and stressful environment for professionals across all sectors of the creative and glamour industry.

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
Lili Reinhart
Our November 2019 digital cover star was incredibly candid about her ‘crippling anxiety’ and going to therapy. “Depression has affected me in so many ways. It’s something that never goes away,” she says. “I have spells of time where I feel completely unmotivated, I don’t want to do anything and I question myself. I don’t know how to handle stress very well. I find that talking about it and sharing my experience with other people, and reminding myself that I’m not alone has been incredibly therapeutic.”

They are subjected to long working hours. Even in some cases they face physical, mental and sexual exploitation.

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
Southern sex symbol Silk Smitha died under mysterious circumstances too, as she was without work and was unable to bear the financial losses. There are several struggling models and actresses, who end their lives just because there is no work for them.

Statistics show that people in the fashion industry are 25% more likely to experience mental illness, due to its fast paced, demand for the highest standards and heavily anticipated nature. Studies conducted by the US centre of disease control compared suicide rates amongst occupations, the fashion industry came in seventh, supporting the claim of higher than average mental health issues within the industry

WHO Data
Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
Geetanjali Naagpal once a top model got drug addicted due to her depression. Her career got ended. Abundant by family. Worked as a maid, spent her nights with men quell her craving for drugs and was in the end reduced to a life on  footpath.

If people had more financial stability then they wouldn’t do things that they don’t want to do. Unfortunately this is the bitter truth of glamour industry. You are quickly out of work replaced by new faces.Landing to depression and financial trouble.

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World

Ryan Phillippe. The Cruel Intentions actor says his battle with depression began at a young age. “As you get older, I think it decreases some, but I’m just innately kind of a sad person,” he recently told Elle magazine. Phillippe hasn’t let his condition keep him from shining onscreen, though. He recently starred in the TV drama Secrets and Lies.

The industry can seem very glamorous from the outside but from the inside, it can be very lonely. Its very difficult to talk about your mental state when you are at the top. Its very difficult to find a true friend. Because there is always a fear to get judged.

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
JK Rowling.. The woman behind Harry Potter brought joy to millions, but admits she felt despair while writing the magical novels. Her dark moods even inspired her series’ soul-sucking creatures known as Dementors. “It’s so difficult to describe [depression] to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness,” she told Oprah Winfrey in 2010. “But it’s that cold absence of feeling — that really hollowed-out feeling.” 
Athena Healthcare Services  Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
Deepeka Padukone spoke about her depression outrageously

It’s very seasonal work with a lot of pressure to get new things out constantly and to stay on top of things. People get overburdened with stress in their personal and professional life.

Mental illness Prevailing in The Glamour World
The classic actor-director Guru Dutt committed suicide in 1964 and was found dead with an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills. People close to him knew that it was constant failure in his personal life and work pressure that made him take the way of darkness. Dutt wanted to see his children and was allegedly not allowed to do so by wife Geeta Dutt.

The list of actors, actresses, creative people and models from glamour industry have ever suffered from depression is unending. But misfortunes struck those who were not able to speak about it. They simply lost their career and even most valuable lives. But those who spoke about it courageously were able to save themselves and moved forward for a brighter future.

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