Depression is often associated with reasons like trauma, tension, financial trouble, relationship issue and stress.

But can a happy individual can get engulfed in depression without any reason?

Well! If You Think So; That Depression Cannot Affect A Person Without Any Reason Then Let Me Break The Binary By Sharing My True Story.

!!Who I AM!!! My name is Danish. I belong to a small town of Chhattisgarh, India. Everything was just picture perfect in my life. I was born to a affluent family. I had an excellent childhood. I am married to a loving and caring life partner for 9 years and blessed with two kids. I held a very good job at a good position. Everything was just fine until suddenly something started going wrong.

I started feeling down in dumps. I couldn’t figure out any reason for my depression. This feeling of blue grew day by day. I was reduced down to tears. I became listless and enervated; I lost interest in activities I used to love. I used to love playing with my kids but suddenly I started ignoring them. I started avoiding my family or any social gathering. My performance at my workplace started getting affected. I just lost my focus; I was simply unable to throw myself into any work or activity.

What I could feel is “I mucked it up!” and “I messed up!” my entire life. ” Just left out alone”… ” Hold no value for anyone and world will be better place for my family without me”

I struggled alone with this pain for quite a long time. I was afraid my own shadow. I had bundle of nerve and so many bewildering question going on my mind.

" I don't have any problem then what is making my blood run cold?"

" What is making me sad and depressed"

" Will society accept me if I speak about my mental health"

" What will people think will they think I am mad"

I was screwing up my personal and professional life. I decided to speak about it to my close friends before talking to my wife because I didn’t wanted to make her sad. But to element of my surprise many of my friends didn’t believed me; that for a person like me could ever had such problem.

They thought its just a regular mood swing it will abate with time. Some of my friends started relating their personal experience with mine. In short my problem got aggravated instead of getting alleviated. I started feeling lump in my throat.

While my mental health was on its last leg I decided to speak to my wife. This revelation took her caught off guard. She decided to help me out till her last drop of blood. She seeked medical help for me.

I was diagnosed of Clinical Depression due to disturbed chemistry in my brain. My brain just doesn’t produce enough serotonin. After having good treatment and medication; I have revived from my mental health issues completely.

Imagine if I would have never gone for a psychological treatment this mental health issue would have taken a turn for worse in future and would have taken a toll over my life for ever.

We need to treat mental health issue like any other medical disease. 

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