Life is all about opportunity, struggle,manoeuvering relationship and circumstances. In this whole process we go through lot of highs and lows. Mental and emotional exhaustions occurs when negative thoughts out numbers positive thoughts.

You remain under prolonged stress. You constantly feel sad, exhausted, stressed, depressed and hapless.

Feelings of detachment and indifference damages all aspects of  personal and professional life.

You may feel trapped in your toughts and situation. You loose the power to do anything about it. At this point it becomes important to overcome mental exhaustion and seek help towards mental wellbeing.

Emotions can be unpredictable, unreliable and unruly, a nuisance  that can often be revealing


Common causes of Mental Exhaustion

  • Lot of work pressure in your occupation.
  • Long working hours
  • Financial stress, destitute or living in penury.
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Being a caregiver for an ill or aging loved one
  • Chronic illness
  • Lost your loved ones
  • Caring for a baby
  • Disturbed work-life balance
  • Lack of social support

Some common physical signs of mental exhaustions includes upset stomach, headache,body ache, fatigue, insomnia, weight loss or gain, change in appetite and falling sick quite often such as cold and flu.

Emotionally Exhausted? Look Up For These Warning Signs.

1.Are You Easily Irritated?

You become overwhelmed with emotions. Slightest things affect your mental wellbeing. You are always engrossed with anger and negative thoughts. Day by day you start loosing hope. You loose power to control your emotions. You start feeling weak emotionally and makes you irritated.

2.Do You Always Remain In A Depressed Mood And Demotivated?

You always fear that something bad will happen in future. And due to this type of negative thoughts and anxiousness you start spoiling your present. You always remain demotivated and lack confidence to complete any task or work. In turn you make your fear appear as a tangible reality. You constantly fail at your work place, society or educational institute. Hence depression become much more concrete in your mind.

Feeling Demotivated
3.Do You Always Encounter Anxiety?

Too much of stress leaves you mentally exhausted and anxious all the time. You get worried unnecessarily. You get anxious on very minor circumstances.

4. Are You Facing Sleep Disorder?

Negative thought process makes a loop in your mind and it becomes harder for you to calm down and fall asleep. Thus insomnia become a part of your life.

5. Do You Always Feel Detached?

You are left with no sense of attachment with anybody. You just feel you are left out alone in this entire world. You loose all your emotions towards your loved one. Their presence or absence holds no value for you. You experience complete numbness. You are weighed down under your own emotions.

Feeling Alone
6. Do You Cry Quite Often Without Any Reason?

You feel like crying always for no reason or for any slightest thing. You just feel like rolling down your tears. You start to weep either alone or in front of any stranger. Its a sign your emotions are not in your control.

7.Are You Experiencing Dizziness and Nauseas?

The feeling of dizziness and nausea is a sign that you are exhausted mentally.

8. Do You Always Feel Fatigue?

Fatigue is something other than what’s expected from simply ordinary sluggishness. We can be depleted following a couple of days of celebrating, yet that sort of fatigue can be cured with a few evenings of regular rest. Fatigue can’t. At the point when you’re experiencing fatigue, it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you rest 20 hours per day or drink 30 espressos the range of a couple of hours: you will in any case be drained to the very marrow in your bones to every pinch of your blood. This isn’t only an intermittent thing.

Tired And Fatigue
9.Are You Not Able To Concentrate or Focus?

You are not able to concentrate on any work thus making it harder to complete. You loose ability of brain to function well.

You can make certain way of life changes to help reduce manifestations of emotional exhaustion. These procedures won't be easy to follow from the start, yet they'll get simpler as you practice it in your day to day life. Rolling out simply little improvements in your every day schedule can help deal with your side effects and alleviate emotional burnout.

Getting rid of Stressor, Exercise, Meditation, Connecting with your loved ones, Taking time off and Seeking medical help can help to come out emotional and mental exhaustion.

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