“Doctor my daughter Neeta find her face to be flawed. She has  built up a strong belief system that her face is turning ugly day by day. And she wants a plastic surgery. Please help me out!!!!!” Say’s Mrs Sadhna Tyagi

Doctor Suresh Rupani ask ” what made you come to me? What are the other symptoms? When it started?”

Mrs Sadhna Tyagi answers with a pause!!!!

” Doctor I was not sure whether Neeta’s behavior is normal or not!!!! She spends hours in front of mirror finding flaw in her face. Now she has come to a state of mind where she want to change her face and use all of her life saving in plastic surgery. It all started when her fiance Rajiv made fun of her looks just out of a joke.”

In a spur of moment Neeta started to reduce down to tears at the same time was exploded with anger.

She says to her mother ” Maa just get off my back. When my younger sister Surbhi always sits infornt of mirror you don’t say her anything. Why do you always point fingers on me??? Well this discrimination has always occurred from my childhood” Her voice got chocked with tears.

Doctor Rupani quickly ask  Mrs Tyagi is that is true?

Body dysmorphia, is a condition in which a person thinks their body is severely flawed. The flaw is either imagined or real but minor. 

Mrs Tyagi quickly replied ” Ohh no no doctor my younger daughter Surabhi is very efficient in house hold work and very beautiful also.” 

She is much more efficient and beautiful that my elder daughter.

It has been estimated around 78% of BDD cases are caused by early life abuse such as emotional neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, physical neglect or sexual abuse

This statement made Dr Suresh Rupani to quickly understand the issue. Without wasting any further time he ask Mrs Tyagi to move out of his cabin and spare some personal time to have conversation with Neeta.

Dr Rupani ask “” So tell me Neeta why do you find your face ugly? Were you being told that from childhood? Were you compared to someone? Trust me everything you speak over here will be confidencial; tell me everything from the very beginning””

Neeta replied with a chocked voice with tears ” Doctor my mother and younger sister both were fair and beautiful. My father was obsessed with beauty be it home, wife or daughters. I was born with a dark complexion for which I was always neglected and compared with my younger sister and mother. When ever we used to visit any relatives I was just compared on basis of my complexion. Slowly I developed a sense of insecurity, anger, grief… I just don’t know what I am up to… When I look on to the mirror I feel my face is getting distorted day by day…. Even my fiancé Rajiv made a joke on my face” “Why can’t people see me as a person not judge me on basis of my complexion?”

Comparison, maltreatment and neglect imbibe grief and pain in personality leading to body dismorphic disorder
A child raised by a neglectful parent is unlikely to have had the opportunity to develop good coping skills

Soon Dr Rupani realized it to be acute case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

He explained Neeta’s Mother Mrs Tyagi not to compare between her children. And explained her Neeta’s condition; adviced her to encourage and appreciate Neeta in every aspect. Even he called Neeta’s fiancé Rajiv explained him Neeta’s condition and advised him to appreciate Neeta’s beauty and work.

With 2 months of extensive psycho therapy Neeta got better day by day. She has built in self confidence and no longer thinks she is ugly.

Body dysmorphia is a grave issue and should not be left untreated. Individuals experiencing BDD have a higher risk of suicide as well as impeded social and occupational development. BDD often does not go away without treatment. If left untreated, body dysmorphic disorder can lead to depressionanxiety, and extensive medical expenses.

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